About the Telephone Systems Virtual Lecture


My goal for developing this lecture/self-study project was to standardize the way the educators at FCCJ taught classes on the Phone Systems. As you can see, it can be used as a slide show or as a self-study system. I also wanted to provide a resource for my own students to be able to go back and freshen up on the basics before an exam or whenever they needed a reminder. You are more than welcome to use this as a resource for teaching about phone systems. There are two things that I would ask, one, if you re-distribute this lecture or use it to instruct with that you would leave my name and school references intact. Two, if you improve on the lecture that you share the improvements with me and everyone else. That's all. --Scott

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There is a printable version of this lecture availiable.


The Telephone System Virtual Lecture by L.Scott Freudenthal