Criminal Justice Center

Video Distribution System Proposal

Prepared by L. Scott Freudenthal


This proposal addresses the system required to distribute video and audio feeds throughout the classrooms in the Criminal Justice Center (CJC). The video feeds come from a variety of sources including the Courtroom of the CJC and the Interactive TV Room in the CJC. The video sources from outside the CJC include local broadcast TV, Direct TV (DSS) channels (3) and the satellite feeds like those received at the old Police Training Center at South Campus. This is a total of seven channels to be initially installed and distributed to a maximum of sixteen classrooms/offices in the CJC.

The three DSS channels are "pre-tuned" which means any three channels from Direct TV can be tuned at the same time. To change one of the stations someone will have to go into the MDF and change the tuner (one will not be able to do this from the classrooms). The classrooms will only be able to select one of the pre-tuned channels. An alternative to using Direct TV for this purpose would be Digital TV such as Americast. The Americast receiver will fit into the distribution system just like a DSS receiver. For local broadcast TV reception, an antenna is available from Terk that clips on the DSS dish for under $100. The reception of the satellite feed assumes a receiver dish and decoder equipment is already present and the NTSC signal is available in the MDF.

The system is designed to be expandable for future needs. Additional channels may be added (up to 12) for a cost of about $1500 per channel. This is assuming the NTSC video signal has been routed to the main distribution frame (MDF — first floor wiring closet). The system can be expanded past 12 channels with a new combiner ($375). The current number of output locations that can receive video is 16, and this can also be expanded with the addition of more video taps (8-way for about $50). Additional Broadband Video Adapters will be needed as well, one pair for each new room location ($86/pair) More amplification may also be needed as the system is expanded.

The additional installation costs are for additional wiring needed in the CJC. This wiring was not anticipated in the original installation and could easily be accomplished with the College wiring staff. The prices given assume College staff will be doing the labor. Other assumptions made are that power is available in the MDF for the equipment and that rack space is provided.

If it is important to cut the costs of this proposal, trimming the number of channels would be the best way to do it. For each channel removed, you can cut $1300 from the price. If a DSS channel is removed, the price can be reduced by $1700.


Parts List

  Criminal Justice Center
  Video Distribution System Parts List
Item No. Qty Description Manufacturer Part Number Price Each Total
1 7 Modulator (1 per channel) Blonder-Tounge AM-60-450 $ 1,301.81 $ 9,112.67
2 1 Combiner (12 channel) Blonder-Tounge OC-12D $ 374.39 $ 374.39
3 3 DSS Tuner and Dual LNB Dish Sony SAT-B3 $ 400.00 $ 1,200.00
4 2 VCR (for MDF) Any Brand, must have TV tuner   $ 300.00 $ 600.00
5 2 Monitor 13" (for MDF) Panasonic ACT-1386VY $ 387.00 $ 774.00
6 2 M/M Transceiver, NTSC Stereo Audio Fiber Optics 1240B-GR-1BXX $ 1,634.00 $ 3,268.00
7 2 M/M Receiver NTSC Stereo Audio Fiber Optics 1240B-RR-1BXX $ 1,634.00 $ 3,268.00
8 1 Amplifier Blonder-Tounge BIDA-450-50 $ 339.00 $ 339.00
9 2 8-way Tap Blonder-Tounge DMT-1000-8 $ 48.00 $ 96.00
10 20 Broadband Video Adapter Lucent Net-384A $ 43.00 $ 860.00
11 1 Video switch Knox A122 $ 1,194.00 $ 1,194.00
12 1 Antenna for local broadcast Terk TV-42 $ 80.00 $ 80.00
13 3 Power strip for DSS cable MonsterPower/PowerCenter HTS 800 $ 150.00 $ 450.00
    Equipment cost for 7 channel system       $ 21,616.06
Additional Installation Costs            
1 2 Fiber optic cable runs (MM) Blanket PO with CDC (Racal)   $ 400.00 $ 800.00
    (Courtroom to MDF and ITV room to MDF)        
2 1 Misc Video Coax wiring (between floors) Blanket PO with CDC (Racal)   $ 250.00 $ 250.00
3 1 DSS dish installation     $ 200.00 $ 200.00
    Installation Cost       $ 1,250.00
    Toal cost of installed system       $ 22,866.06
  Ongoing Monthy charges          
1 1 Direct TV Total Choice - 95 channels     $ 29.99 $ 29.99
2 2 Additional DSS receivers     $ 4.95 $ 9.90
            $ 39.89