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Context sensitive Example #1: Config mode

RouterName(config)# ?

Configure commands:
  aaa                         Authentication, Authorization and Accounting.
  access-list                 Add an access list entry
  alias                       Create command alias
  arp                         Set a static ARP entry
  async-bootp                 Modify system bootp parameters
  banner                      Define a login banner
  boot                        Modify system boot parameters
  bridge                      Bridge Group.
  buffers                     Adjust system buffer pool parameters
  busy-message                Display message when connection to host fails
  call-history-mib            Define call history mib parameters
  cdp                         Global CDP configuration subcommands
  chat-script                 Define a modem chat script
  clock                       Configure time-of-day clock
  config-register             Define the configuration register
  default                     Set a command to its defaults
  default-value               Default character-bits values
  dialer                      Dialer watch commands
  dialer-list                 Create a dialer list entry
  dnsix-dmdp                  Provide DMDP service for DNSIX
  dnsix-nat                   Provide DNSIX service for audit trails
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 downward-compatible-config  Generate a configuration compatible with older
  enable                      Modify enable password parameters
  end                         Exit from configure mode
  exception                   Exception handling
  exit                        Exit from configure mode
  file                        Adjust file system parameters
  frame-relay                 global frame relay configuration commands
  help                        Description of the interactive help system
  hostname                    Set system's network name
  interface                   Select an interface to configure
  ip                          Global IP configuration subcommands
  key                         Key management
  line                        Configure a terminal line
  logging                     Modify message logging facilities
  login-string                Define a host-specific login string
  map-class                   Configure static map class
  map-list                    Configure static map list
  menu                        Define a user-interface menu
  modemcap                    Modem Capabilities database
  multilink                   PPP multilink global configuration
  netbios                     NETBIOS access control filtering
  no                          Negate a command or set its defaults
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Cisco Router Configuration Virtual Lecture by L.Scott Freudenthal