General Class Information

Course Syllabus
This page contains general guidelines for the class, how to contact the instructor and how grades are determined.
Class Schedule Monday Night Class
This is a class by class guide listing the planned activities and readings for each lesson. Links to on-line lectures may be found here.


Regular class assignments
These assignments are a required part of the class, they are posted on this list with the point value of each assignment and the due date
Extra credit assignments
This is a list of optional assignments that you may choose to do to help improve your grade or just for a little extra experience

The On-line Lectures

Basic Networking Concepts
This is the introductory lecture for Computer Networks class.
Network Wiring Basics
This lecture gives an overview of different wire and fiber types and configurations.
Ethernet & Token Ring
An introduction to Ethernet and Token Ring. Covers implementations and characteristics.
Network Interconnections
The basics of repeaters, bridges/switches, routers and gateways.
Internet and TCP-IP
This lecture is a great introduction to the Internet and the technical details that students of Computer Networks should be concerned with.
HTML - Web Page development
The HTML lecture is designed to instruct the basic networking student how to create pages for the World Wide Web.
Cisco Router Configuration
This is a very basic introduction to configuration of Cisco Routers.
Novell Netware Concepts and Installation
A guide to the installation of a Novell Netware server. Introduction to the basic concepts of Netware.
Windows NT Concepts
This lecture introduces the concepts of Windows NT, domains, workgroups, trusts, etc.
Telephone Systems
A brief introduction to the telephone system and PBXs

Additional Documents

Using the Internet with CMS
This handbook explains how to use the Internet from CMS (the mainframe). It contains all the answers to the online Internet test. How to take the online test is also explained in this document.
FCCJ Computing Resources FAQs
This page links to FAQs about the computing resources availiable at FCCJ.
FCCJ CBT Information page
Instruction pages for utilizing the CBT resources at FCCJ (must be enrolled in CDA1522 this term to use)
The Ethernet Page
An excellent reference for Ethernet/IEEE 802.3 LAN Technologies.
Token Ring Networking
A collection of information describing Token Ring/IEEE 802.5 LAN Technologies
TCP-IP in Depth
Good document from Rutgers on TCP-IP, etc.
Intro to LANs page
A collection of pointers to technologies, protocols, products, companies and publications
Introduction to SNA
A brief introduction to Systems Networking Architecture from Yale.
Network Management/Components
This page is a great reference on structured wiring techniques and network components.
LAN Technology Scorecard
This table provided a detailed comparison of LAN technologies. It is quite useful to the student of computer networks.
ATM Tutorial
A great ATM tutorial and ATM related links.
Steve Neil's Frame Relay Page
Frame Relay resources and information
Dan Kegel's ISDN Page
Authoratative collection of information about ISDN
The OSI Reference Model Page
All about the OSI Model Architecture
UNIX Links page
A collection of links useful to those learning about UNIX
Tons of Networking Links
Networking Meta Index from TechFest/DD>
Data Comm Wiring FAQ
Everything you wanted to know about Data wiring
Ethernet FAQ
Frequently asked questions about Ethernet
Token Ring FAQ
Frequently asked questions about Token Ring
Mail Protocols FAQ
Frequently asked questions about Mail Protocols - POP, IMAP, etc.
Various Network Related usenet newsgroups